Our Mission

Mia’s passion for sports and her dream to make it accessible to all, especially the less privileged, lives on through the ‘What Would Mia Do Trust’. We aim to ensure every young sports enthusiast between 5 to 18 years in England and Wales can pursue their dreams, regardless of their financial circumstances.

Access for All

Ensure every child and young person, regardless of their financial situation, has the opportunity to participate in sports and explore their passion.

Empower Through Sport

Believe in the transformative power of sports to instil confidence, foster team spirit, and provide a sense of belonging, aiming to help the youth thrive and find their voice in the world.

Preserving Mia’s Legacy

Uphold the values and passions that Mia embodied, continuing her mission to inspire and support young sports enthusiasts, ensuring her spirit and drive live on in every endeavour of the trust.

About WWMD

Founded to continue the legacy of Mia Craen after a tragic road traffic accident, the What Would Mia Do Trust continues the legacy of Mia.

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Want To Help Make A Difference?


At What Would Mia Do we aim to make a real difference to people’s lives through the grants we offer. Here's what some of the people we've helped say:
Anonymous, West Sussex

Anonymous, West Sussex

Aspiring Athlete

"What Would Mia Do have been amazing and have allowed me to continue my passion for sports when I thought I was going to have to give up."

Anonymous, West Sussex

Anonymous, West Sussex

Volleyball Player

"Playing sports was a dream I thought I'd have to give up on. With the equipment and membership fees, my family just couldn't afford it. But thanks to the 'What Would Mia Do Trust', not only did I get the chance to play, but I also found confidence, made lifelong friends, and learned the value of teamwork. This isn't just a charity—it's a beacon of hope. Because of Mia's legacy, kids like me can chase after their dreams, no matter the odds."

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