The What Would Mia Do Trust was founded in 2022 to honour and extend the legacy of Mia Craen, a passionate sportswoman with a drive to inspire.

The Story

On January 30th, 2021, we faced an unimaginable loss when Mia, at just 18, was tragically taken from us in a road traffic accident. This changed the lives of those who knew Mia forever.

Mia wasn’t just a passionate sportswoman; she was a beacon of encouragement, a fervent team player, and a force of motivation for all who knew her.

Photo of Mia Craen in goal during a hockey game.

Whether she was guarding the goalpost for Horsham Hockey Club and Sussex County Hockey or running the tracks for Horsham Triathlon Club, Mia gave her best, her infectious enthusiasm evident irrespective of the score or weather.

Mia With Medal.

Her dedication to sports extended beyond just these clubs. Mia was a proud member of the Atlantis Swimming Club for several years and had fond memories with Horsham Sparrows Football Club during her younger days.

Yet, pursuing these passions often came with financial strains. Equipment was expensive, and though we managed to borrow when buying wasn’t an option, we understood the barriers many face. Not every young aspirant sportsperson has the means or the support to chase their sports dreams.

With that realization, Mia’s family founded the What Would Mia Do Trust in Mia’s memory.

Our mission? To ensure children and young adults, aged 5 to 18, don’t get sidelined because of financial constraints. We strive to raise funds to provide grants and loans, ensuring access to both equipment and sports participation fees.

We believe that access to sports helps children and young people thrive, it gives them
confidence and gives them a sense of belonging in a world where they can feel isolated and
not heard.

We strongly believe that sports are more than just games. They instil confidence, foster camaraderie, and offer a haven in an often overwhelming world. Our goal is to help the next generation find their voice, passion, and community through sports, just as Mia did.