At the heart of the What Would Mia Do Trust lies a singular, profound goal: to change young lives through the power and passion of sport. Today, we’re elated to share the story of our very first grant recipient, a determined young volleyball enthusiast named Victoria.

From West Sussex, Victoria is a student who dreams big. With aspirations of becoming a professional volleyball player and representing her nation on international platforms, she has shown that with dedication and a bit of support, dreams can come to life.

Like many families, Victoria’s family faces financial challenges, making it difficult for her to pursue her passion. Training at Worthing’s renowned volleyball club, the costs for club fees and travel began to strain their resources. With a monthly fee of £25 covering practices in locations over a thirty-minute drive away, and rising petrol prices, Victoria reached out to us, hoping to continue the sport she dearly loves.

But her journey isn’t just about mastering serves and spikes. Volleyball, for Victoria, is more than just a game. It’s a lifeline. She expressed how her time on the court has not only honed her skills but has significantly boosted her confidence and mental well-being. Especially as a student who does not have access to volleyball training in school and is soon to be assessed in her GCSE PE course on both basketball and volleyball, this grant is not just aiding her dreams but her academics as well.

Victoria’s application touched our hearts here at the What Would Mia Do trust. It resonated with the essence of what Mia believed in and what this Trust stands for. We’re delighted to announce that as of August 2022, Victoria is the proud recipient of a grant from the What Would Mia Do Trust. This grant will cover her club fees and aid with the travel expenses, ensuring she continues her journey in volleyball uninterrupted.

Born in 2008, Victoria represents a generation of young athletes who, with the right support, can change the sporting world. As she dives and jumps on the court, she’s not only playing a game but building a future and setting an example for countless others.

We’re incredibly proud to have Victoria as our first grant recipient and look forward to many more success stories. Together, we can keep Mia’s legacy alive, empowering young athletes like Victoria, one game at a time.

We encourage all our readers and supporters to share Victoria’s story. Every share, every word of encouragement, further amplifies the cause we stand for.

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